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Who is She!



What does it mean to be an introvert? Being an introvert simply means that you get energy from being alone and give or lose energy when you’re around other people. If you’ve ever felt drained after being at a party or in a crowded place for an extended period of time, it’s very likely you’re an introvert.

My Story - Who am I

Many people ask, "who am I'.  I am Cheryl Caldwell, I am genuine, kindhearted and loyal.  

Who am I; I am a woman who carries herself with style, grace and class; I am a woman who rises above her past.

Who am I; I am a woman who stands out in a crowd; however, no one notices...what could it be that is so intriguing about this black Queen...Oh yes, this Queen who seems to find herself never on top just somewhere in between.

Who am I; she is not the life of the party, she fades off into the background...oftentimes she won't even utter a sound. Who is she!

Who am I; I am a woman who stands alone...a woman who is alone even in the presence of others.  What is this essence.

It's so is not crazy... if you get to know me, you might find me quite amazing.  Just know and understand, who she is... someone who has been through a lot of hurt just because she is simply an introvert.

This is who I am!

Cheryl Ann Caldwell

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