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The average individual should plan for retirement 5-8 years prior to retirement.

whether you have a legacy or not, everyone should have a will if you have something of value (i.e. property, car, investment accounts, and etc.).

Everyone should have a budget that includes money for savings.  Also, you should have at least  3-6 months of household savings.

Set a budget for matter how small.  You should even include a saving into you monthly budget!  Never live beyond your means.

Do not use high interest credit cards, if you cannot afford it don't buy it.   Here are some reasons you should stay away from the credit cards if all possible:

*A single late payment on a credit card can turn into a huge plummet in you credit score.  A drop in your score just 50 points can mean you will have to pay a much higher interest rate for things like cars, houses or any big ticket item.  A 100 point decline can mean you will be denied loans completely. 

*Avoid signing up for credit offers over the telephone and offers received though the mail. Often times, these companies will try to entice you to establish credit with high interest fees and other hidden fees (i.e. annual fees and membership fees).

*If you do use a credit card, PAY IT OFF AT THE END OF THE BILLING CYCLE.  Do not carry over large balances.

Check your credit score monthly, if they are any errors, contact the credit agency as soon as possible.

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